Easter Gift Basket

You will need:

Card (we used a piece of 12x12” Tilda Card) 


Double Sided Tape                                                            



We also used: 4xPolystyrene Eggs –you could decoupage them, paint them or you could fill your baskets with chocolate treats

What we did…

You can make your basket to any size or depth you like, just remember to allow for overlapping. Using the tilde card, I followed along the pattern to get the effect I desired for the outside of the basket. The card is double sided so I didn’t need to use anything for the inside, however for the decoration I’ve used frilly ribbon in yellow from our 60p bundles.

1) Recommended measurements:                                

If using A4 card for the basket, measure 2 ½”/6.5cm down from the longest width. Draw a line the whole length then cut this piece out. This will be your basket. (See figure 1)

2) Secure the card to create a circle or oval using double sided tape, starting price 80p. (see Figure 2)

3) Now you have your basket you need a base for it. Using the card, place it face down and put your now made basket on top – draw around the inside so that the shape of the base is now on the card. (see figure 3)

4) Cut out the shape leaving approx. 1cm from the edge then cut into the shape of your base to create a tab. (see figure 4)

5) Apply double sided tape around the base tab and gently place on the basket. (see figure 5 and 6)

6) Cut approx. 1cm strip for handle and attach with double-sided tape (see figure 7)

7) Now you are ready to decorate your eggs or add your gift. You could cover polystyrene eggs in PVA glue and apply decoupage papers to make decorative Easter eggs. Fill the base of your basket with shredded tissue paper and you have a lovely little egg basket.

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