David's Fish

What you will need

1 Decopatch fish

Polystyrene balls in different sizes

Cocktail sticks

System 3 Original 75ml Fluorescent Orange

System 3 Original 75ml Process Cyan

System 3 Original 75ml Process Black

System 3 Original 75ml Pale Gold

System 3 Original 75ml Titanium White Mod podge matt glue and gold paper

Podge matt glue

Gold paper


Step one: Paint the fish white. When using a lighter coloured paint or paper the cardboard can show up and so the white gives you a base to add further colours.

Step two: The painting. David painted the majority of the fish orange leaving white strips. He left this to dry for 24 hrs before adding the gold paint over the orange to give a reflective quality. He then painted the eyes.

Step 3: Decoration. David painted the polystyrene balls cyan and joined them together using cocktail sticks to create the bubbles. He then cut the gold paper into small triangles which he attached with mod podge matt glue

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